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What Green Teams Can Learn from the Greenest Colleges

August 26, 2015

For nine years, “Sierra”, the magazine of the Sierra Club, has published annual rankings of the greenest colleges and universities in the US.  The 2015 list is out.  Congratulations to the Top Ten coolest schools and to all 153 who participated in the extensive survey and evaluation.  GreenWorksGov has penned several columns inviting green teams to take advantage of the academic resources available in your communities to network with the environmental departments in local colleges and to learn about the terrific projects students have engaged in to green their campuses.  This is an opportune occasion to spotlight what is working and trending around the country. 

Here’s what is happening at the top schools:  the University of California (UC), Berkeley has greened a third of its fleet and there are 5000 parking spots for bicycles.  Lewis and Clark in Oregon put a 650 page limit on copying so students print double-sided, unused food is donated to local schools for underserved students and the school sponsors community service days throughout the year. The University of Washington gets 90% of its electricity from hydropower and every egg on campus is organic.  UC San Diego has reduced its water use by a whopping 30 million gallons a year. The University of Connecticut, a regular on the top ten list, has 411 classes that train students to be eco-citizens and 70% of the graduates have taken courses where they learn about sustainability.  Oberlin College in Ohio has undertaken a major effort to conserve energy and water.  Colorado State does everything well and is notable for its School of Global Environmental Sustainability which offers 19 majors. Read more.

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