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Knowing Your Environment

October 22, 2014
There are at least two reasons why green teams and sustainability officers should follow the news, local, state, national and global—about climate change and environmental issues.  The first is because information is power and knowledge can be applied to demonstrating the impact of practical actions on lowering both the bottom line and the office’s carbon footprint.
The second reason is that issues, events, and political or governmental action will affect us all, directly or indirectly, and it is increasingly important to be prepared to adapt, to be resilient, and ideally to be in a position to be a productive partner on solutions to the challenges we face together at work, at home, in our communities and beyond our borders.
Ideally, every member of a green team will stay abreast of news and developments on the green front.  But as a practical matter, there is so much information to be had that it’s impossible for any one person to know it all.  Consider divvying up the info gathering among your team members by topic or area.
There’s a wealth of online news sources and you can find a good start under GWG’s Resources tab.  Here are a couple examples from my info download this past week—EcoWatch posted a news report on a movement in Florida to split the state in two because proponents in the south of the state, namely the mayor and city council of South Miami, believe there has been insufficient action from the power base in the north to address rising sea levels and flooding. This is a tip off to businesses and agencies in low-lying coastal areas to ask themselves how prepared they are for unanticipated power outages, flooding, and weather events that could interrupt the conduct of operations.  GWG has written in the past on the topic of resiliency and the value that informed green teams can provide to emergency planners and facilities managers.
Along those lines, the EPA this week released an abstract on the connection between sustainability and resilience.  The summary, by co-author Alan Hecht, highlights the new thinking and actions underway by leaders in government, educational institutions, business and industry that are redefining the “resilience” of a community or an enterprise from simply bouncing back to “the capacity for a system to survive, adapt, and flourish in the face of turbulent change and uncertainty.”  Click here to read the full report published in “Solutions”, an online journal.

Next week’s column will highlight examples of sustainability leaders, projects, and opportunities that will inspire your office green team and are valuable resources for ideas and information.  In many instances, there are local environmental groups, institutions, and community organizations that welcome collaborative partnerships and participation in volunteer projects.  So even if your office green program is but a fledgling enterprise, newsletters and bulletin boards can inform interested and supportive employees about the numerous ways they can become involved in advancing sustainability goals.  Read more.


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