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Bookmark This Resource--The Greening Advisor

January 21, 2015
For as long as GreenWorksGov has been in existence and during my stint as our agency’s first sustainability officer, I have relied on the abundance of information and resource material of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).  The NRDC takes an active role in the most significant, and often controversial, environmental issues.  For this week’s blog, however, GWG is looking to the valuable service the NRDC offers in the form of its Greening Advisor for Smarter Business. 
The Greening Advisor is an online resource to help businesses and other organizations to reduce their environmental impact.  It is easy to follow, goes step by step, and is a comprehensive compendium of “how to do it” recommendations to tackle everything from the business reasons to go green,  how to reduce waste, consume less paper and energy, and use resources more efficiently.  The Advisor devotes specific sections to topical areas such as purchasing and transportation.  It’s practical, non-dogmatic, and helpful.  Don’t miss the Principles and Practices sections, which set out the key components of structuring a successful green program.  For example, the Advisor underscores the importance of an enterprise-wide environmental policy statement and includes a sample policy.  Sample language is included for purchasing policies and contracts, too.  And not to be forgotten—the annual sustainability report which documents the commitment to the effort and lets the public, customers, employees, and business partners know that accountability matters.  A number of corporate business reports are included for easy reference as examples. The Greening Advisor is an excellent resource for those just getting a green effort underway and for those more mature programs looking to refine and expand their initiatives.
The NRDC Greening Advisor evolved as a result of many business contacts to the NRDC requesting assistance and advice on how to reduce their environmental impacts. Famously, the owners of the Philadelphia Eagles football team contacted the NRDC in 2004 for help in improving the team facilities, services, and stadium’s environmental profile.  Shortly after, the Academy Awards sought advice for its annual awards ceremonies and telecast, and Warner Music Group sought the NRDC’s help in finding more eco-friendly paper inserts for its CD and DVD packaging and instituting changes to its paper usage and consumption practices.

The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) is one of the most powerful and effective environmental action groups in the U.S. The NRDC views its mission as safeguarding the earth—its people, plants, animals, and the natural systems upon which life depends.  The NRDC advocates for strong environmental protection with a focus on global warming clean energy, the oceans, wildlife, health, pollution, water supply and quality, and sustainable communities.  With a membership of 1.5 million and a staff of 450 lawyers, scientists, and other professionals, the NRDC is a major force for ensuring compliance with environment protection laws and creating solutions to problems that threaten our environment and well-being.  Read more.


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