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Resources for the Sustainability Team

October 1, 2014
Throughout my career, I have benefited from the value of membership in associations aimed at increasing and sharing knowledge and building connections between professionals.   As a new sustainability officer, I looked for resources to assist me in formulating the foundation for our green office program.  Later than I wished, I discovered the International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP) and have been a member for two years.
ISSP exists to make sustainability standard practice and help us in our individual environments from reinventing the wheel.  It enables practitioners to find each other, exchange information, ideas, and to short-cut trial and error into successful strategies. ISSP provides updates and news on trends, best practices, and research developments.  They conduct professional development webinars and conferences where leading experts share their knowledge and experienced peers share their real life case studies.  And good news for government, non-profits, and students—membership dues are discounted.
Coming up November 12-14 is ISSP’s third international conference in Denver.  The conference program cuts a wide swath across topics of interest to sustainability teams.  There will be speakers and panels on the state of green business, water stewardship, energy trends and developments, measuring what matters, and scaling up green programs, among other opportunities to network and learn from experts in industry, research institutes, government, and business.  A few of the scheduled speakers include Hunter Lovins, author and President of Natural Capitalism Solutions, Joel Makower, Chairman and Executive Editor for GreenBiz, and Drew Campbell, Deputy Director of the Sustainability Performance Office for the US Department of Energy.
ISSP membership affords website access to other members, topical discussion group pages where members post queries, stories, and information, research projects, and opportunities to participate in webinars and professional development.  The association is growing and boasts 700 members across the US, Canada, and around the world.  Click here for local chapter information

Get more information and details from the ISSP website—it’s worth the time and the investment.  Read more.


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