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CVS Aims to Take Care of Mother Earth and Us, Too

October 15, 2014
Most of us who are familiar with CVS know it as the pharmacy we use or the drug store in our neighborhood that seems to have just about anything you would expect or hope to find.  CVSCareMark, the corporate home for CVS, defines itself as “a pharmacy innovation company”.  If how CVS has designed and implemented its environmental management program is an example, we would have to agree with that definition. 
CVSCareMark’s 2013 Corporate Social Responsibility Report  (CSR) identifies protecting the planet as one of the three priorities of the company’s CSR strategy.  This broad strategy is translated into specific, measurable areas of focus and objectives--energy, water, waste, buildings, and transportation.  CVS is on track to reduce its carbon intensity by 15% by 2018, already seeing a 9% reduction since 2008.  A new energy efficient store in Connecticut represents the latest in green design standards--solar roof panels, zero irrigation landscaping, electric vehicle charging stations, and daylighting.  CVS incorporates green building standards wherever possible, including site consideration for new buildings. Read more.

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