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Save the Date--September 19

July 29, 2015
Between 5 and 12 million tons of plastic enter the ocean annually from land-based surfaces, so reports the Ocean Conservancy.  Last year, 560,000 International Coastal Clean-up volunteers recovered 16 million pounds of trash from beaches and areas adjoining waterways.  As impressive as that is, it represents only a tiny fraction of the tons of plastic that ends up in the ocean which threatens and kills millions of fish and fowl every year who ingest the plastic.
September 19 is the 2015 date for clean-up events being planned all around the globe.  The Ocean Conservancy’s website is the “go to” source for information about events in your local area.  Plans are well underway and include oceans, rivers, lakes, and waterways.   Now is a good time for green office teams to connect with organizations in their communities planning events or to plan their own activity. 
Land-locked?  No problem.  Trash pick-up in parks or neighborhoods works too.  Also, consider using this date as an opportunity to share information about recycling plastics.  Again, the Ocean Conservancy has a free downloadable guide to help anyone master the codes on what is and isn’t recyclable.  Need more help?  Go to Earth911 for even more info on all types of waste materials. Read more.

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