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Catch Some Rays--Yes, Sir!!

July 16, 2014
In the course of many years in government service, one thing I’ve learned is that if you want to know where innovation and technology are working to solve problems, it’s a good idea to check out the Department of Defense and the branches of the military.  Need some encouragement that your green team is on the right path?  Looking for advances that will spur your green building solar panels?  Want some ammo to push for alternative energy fuels and vehicles to boost energy savings and conservation?  Look no farther—this week we start a series on the many, many projects that the branches of our armed services have undertaken. 
This week’s blog is but a brief introduction to future articles that will link you to some exciting efforts that are yielding results.  We know from our own experiences that sustainability programs need top level commitment and resources to ensure success.  The Department of Defense has made a strong commitment to address the implications of a changing global environment and secure an energy future that reduces demand and increases alternative and renewable supplies of energy. 
Think gear and equipment for starters.  This year’s annual Marine Corp event that invites industry to address capability gaps showcased boots, knee braces, and rucksacks that generate electricity and when combined produce impressive amounts of power and reduce battery load.  Read more.

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