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Sustainability Ranks High for Atlanta's Historically Black Colleges and Universities

September 17, 2014
GreenWorksGov welcomes guest author Devin Hunter, an undergraduate student at Cal Poly Pomona.  Devin works as a student assistant for the Conference of Western Attorneys General and has helped conduct research for GWG and authored a previous guest blog about sustainable gardening. 
Earlier this month, GreenWorksGov reported on the greenest colleges according to Sierra magazine’s 2014 ranking. This week we are revisiting this opportunity to learn what our leading schools are doing that can inspire green teams at work and serve as a resource to them. Many of the Historic Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) are taking part in the green initiative by designing and developing their own projects to help impact their schools. With projects ranging from designing buildings to becoming more energy sufficient to creating a number of sustainable food and recycling initiatives on campus, these colleges are really taking the lead on making our universities greener. 
The women at Spelman College in Atlanta, are among the front runners in their effort to achieve a green campus. In 2009, the University president Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum issued a statement saying, “Understanding our own environmental impact and seeking to reduce it is a choice that all of us can make every day.” As time has shown, the school has expanded and applied its creativity and ideals on their campus. The Laura Spelman building, which was built in 1918, is one of the school’s oldest structures on campus spanning 19,700 square feet and reaching three stories high. The school managed to transform the oldest building on campus into a LEED Gold energy-efficient green building thanks to many donations from esteemed alumnae, generous donors and sponsors. This initiative sparked many other projects on Spelman’s campus and has brought the school to the top of the green initiative for green campuses. In 2013, Spelman received the Tree Campus USA recognition which honored the school for “promoting healthy trees and engaging students and staff in spirit of conservation.” Truly an award fitting of their efforts and one that other schools should try emulate.  Read more.

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