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Thank You, Mr. Anderson

August 17, 2011

Ray Anderson, founder of Interface carpeting and a leading business advocate for sustainable business practices, passed away last week.  When I took the first steps of my initiation into green business practices, Mr. Anderson’s name came up time and again as the model par excellence for transforming every aspect of his business into a green enterprise.  In 1994, he read Paul Hawken’s book, “The Ecology of Commerce,” and it changed the course of direction for his life and his company.  He aimed to protect the environment and increase his bottom line. His phenomenal success is well-known throughout the business sector and MBA programs.

Government green offices will find parallels, but most importantly, take inspiration from this green giant.  Ray Anderson saw his company make money from “day one”; public agency green teams can save money by taking green steps that reduce the cost of government.  Read more about Ray Anderson’s legacy in any of the numerous articles linked to on  You might begin with this one from the New York Times: A Magnate’s Green Epiphany.     

“We are all part of the continuum of humanity and life. We will have lived our brief span and either helped or hurt that continuum and the earth that sustains all life. It’s that simple. Which will it be?”
                                    Ray Anderson (1934-2011)