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US DOJ Is Bully on Green

April 4, 2012

The US Department of Justice is going green.  US Department of Justice (US DOJ) has devoted a section of its website to a statement of its environmental policy and programs aimed at reducing the agency’s carbon footprint.   In 2007, DOJ formed an Environmental Stewardship Council and a charter which outlines the purpose and functions of the council to oversee and promote environmentally sound practices and decision-making.  Last year, the US DOJ published a “Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan”, in compliance with Executive Order (EO) 13514, “Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy, and Economic Performance” and related laws and orders.

The plan is a comprehensive and hefty 90-pager, so don’t hit the print button if you can help it.  The plan outlines an ambitious and far-reaching effort to incorporate sustainability into the operations of the agency and its facilities.  The policy statement, charter, and plan are all good resources and offer examples for how to capture and measure environmental savings.The most recent update of key accomplishments and Office of Management and Budget 2010 report card on DOJ’s progress are available, too.
Speaking of accomplishments, kudos to the recipients of Office Depot’s Award for Leadership in Greener Purchasing.  These public sector customers of Office Depot were recognized as having the greenest purchasing practices in 2011:

          City of Portland

          Department of Social and Health Services, Washington State

          Department of Transportation, Washington State

          US Department of Veterans Affairs

          State of Washington

For the past five years, Office Depot has recognized customers who have demonstrated the strongest commitment to greener purchasing of office products.  Office Depot was recognized in October 2011 by “Newsweek” magazine as the Greenest Large Retailer in America and as America’s 8th Greenest Large Company across all industry sectors. For Office Depot greener product assortment, check out their Greener Office page.